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Hot Rod Insurance Overview Presentation

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Hot Rod Hotline
www.hotrodhotline.comGolden Gate Street Machines Unlimited
www.ggsmu.orgRoy Brizio Street Rods

Nada Guides

Car Crazy Promotions

Campbell Auto Restoration
Tom Dillard

www.meguiars.comPhil Reilly Company
www.philreillycompany.comCoach Builders
Steve Moal

Dominator Street Rods
Leonard Lopez

Full Circle Restoration
Thom Vansteyn


Rob O’Neill
Hot Rod Appraisal Services
Rob@hotrodins.comZak Romery
autoappraisers@comcast.netJulie K. Summerville
Pacific Automobile Appraisers
Tel: 888-763-1932
Bud Millard
Hot Rod Hall of Fame Member
Bay Area/South Bay/Central Valley
bmillard601@aol.comRhonda Madden
Marin/North Bay

Security for Trailers and Cars:

Universal Boot
This is Security for the car or boat trailer to prevent theft of your collectible car or boat.

911Tracker is a dealer and sells S4 Vehicle Security Tracker bundled for 1 or 2 year terms.  Click here to read about 911Tracker features. The 911Tracker tracks the location of your collectible car at any time.

They also offer Lojack Anti Theft Device for classic cars, truck, boats and trailers.

Top 5 Automobile Tracking devises using GPS by Ebay:
Click here to view the top 5 automobile tracking devises using GPS.

Coverage Details:

Bodily Injury
Pays all that you are legally obligated to pay when someone is injured or killed in an accident that’s your fault. Your coverage pays that person’s medical expenses and lost of wages.

Property Damage
Pays for the damages you cause to someone’s personal property when you have an accident that’s your fault. The personal property that you might damage includes such things as vehicles, houses, fences and walls.

Medical payments
Pays medical and funeral expenses for injuries that you or your passengers sustain while riding in your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. (Not available in all states).

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists
Protects you if you have an accident with someone who either has no insurance or lacks the proper amount of insurance. This coverage also protects you if you’re struck by a hit-and–run driver.

Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorists Property Damage
Provides coverage for property damage to your motor vehicle which has been caused by an uninsured motorist.

Comprehensive (OTC)
Is insurance that reimburses you when your car is damaged. Damage covered by comprehensive insurance is caused by theft, vandalism, hail, flood, fire, earthquakes, windstorms and /or animals.

Is insurance that reimburses you when your car is damaged. The damage can be the result of a collision with another car or with an object, such as a tree or a brick wall. The damage can also be the result of overturning your car. Your reimbursement for the damage covers the amount of money it takes to repair or replace your vehicle minus any deductible you agree to pay.

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